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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 6, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. >> i know that my daughter is okay but this is family don't have their child tonight. >> the massacre at fort hood tonight. latest on the investigation and the shooter's connection to our area. unemployment heather a dangerous new high. the new number and how many more americans are out of work. freezing temperature for the first time this season. when that will happen coming up in my sky watch forecast. and where to go for some weekend fun and get rid of the weekend fun and get rid of the halloween left
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>> hello. >> 13 people are dead. 28 people injured after thursday's massacre at fort ho hood, texas. army says it was a civilian police officer who stopped the gunman. sergeant kimberly is creditd with shooting nidal malik hasan minutes after the first report of gunshots. >> in exchange of gunfire she was wounded but wounded the shooter 4 times. again, again, really pretty amazing and aggressive performance by this police officer. >>reporter: hasan is in a coma but expected to recover. mean time the president ordered all flag on federal building flown at half staff now until veterans day november 11. we are also learning more a lot about hasan connection to this region. >> major nidal malik hasan is native of northern virginia and graduate of virginia tech. 39-year-old received a medical degree from the military's uniform services university of the health and
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sciences located in bethesda back 2001. most recently worked at walter reed army medical center in dc before being transferred to fort hood just a few months ago. people who know hasan describe him as a good american. >>reporter: kathleen joins us more on what his friends and family have to say about the allegations tonight. kathleen. >>reporter: people who know major hasan are in shock and say violence of any kind is totally out of his character. worshippers at the mosque in silver spring where he used to pray say he was a quiet and peaceful man. he used to regularly attend prayer services before he was reassigned to fort hood last summer. only hours before the shooting hasan was seen at 7-11 buying coffee. his muslim friends say he never showed any display of anger. >> he never was anger. he was american guy.
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>>reporter: however hasan's cousin says he was harassed by some military colleagues because of his religion. we'll have more on that part of the story tonight at 10:00. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. family of nidal malik hasan issued a statement calling his actions despicable and deplorable. statement goes on to say that his relatives are filled with grief for the family of the victims. our family loves america. we are proud of our country and sad ended by the tragedy. >> and another tragic story tonight out of orlando, orlando, florida where one person dead 5 others injured after shooting at office building. suspected gun man is 48-year-old jason rodriguez who once worked in the building where the shooting took place. they say he was let go from an engineering firm in that high-rise two years ago because of bad performance. police arrest a second suspect in connection with the
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stabbing of an off duty police officer outside a night club in baltimore county this week. investigators say 42-year-old officer eric jansen was leaving christina female review in did you know dog when jumped and stabbed in the neck and back before he opened fire on his attackers. a 15 year veteran is expected to be okay. and 3 men plead guilty to stealing the cal ripken statue from outside camden yard. all plead guilty to conspiracy to commit theft and were given two years probation and 35 hours of community service. the men must also pay 7600 dollars to repair the statue. fourth suspect pled guilty earlier this week. >> trial for the father who admitted to throwing his toddler off the francis scott key bridge now postponed. steven todd nelson claims demons made him criminal 3-year-old turner nelson. trial set to start in february now. story you are seeing first on fox. private information
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released by a government employee for howard county woman and children in danger. now weeks later the howard county department of social services is offering to relocate the family in fear of their safety as this letter fox 45 obtained shows. the mother freed to speak with us but asks we not identify her. >> i'm fearful every second of the day, night. i have my children sleep in the room with me. i check all the doors at least twice or three times a night just the fear is always there. >>reporter: fox 45 crime justice team has been told the child support worker is no longer employed by the department of human services as a result of this incident. department says it takes issues of confidentiality very seriously. harper county holds h1n1 clinic for high risk resident up there. clinic was held today from 10 to 3 at ripken stadium in aberdeen. 2300 doses of the vaccination were made available. >> we had a tremendous turn
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out this morning. the lines were snaked from the entrance all the way back to the parking lot. 95 and circle around again. i have to say people were frustrated when they couldn't all be vaccinated but they were extremely patient, courteous and respectful to other people in the line. >>reporter: people began leaning up for today's clinic as early as 6 in the morning. also lengthy lines early today at yet another clinic this time in baltimore and h1n1 vaccination was not even being offered. john joins us now with that story. john? >>reporter: the folks that lean up this morning in baltimore city knew they could only get the seasonal flu shot but to them it is just as important. doctors say the seasonal flu for some could be just as dangerous. lined up as early as 2 hours before the clinic opened at the library downtown. people of all ages are anxious to get the seasonal flu shot. this past week the city received more shipments in both the seasonal and h1n1 vaccine. city health
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officials are strongly advising parents to make sure their kids get both vaccines. >> the tragedy that kano occur if an individual particularly children are not immunized they include hospitalization and death, i don't think we can bring it closer to home than that. and i think vaccination is the way to go for both h1n1 and for seasona seasonal. >>reporter: state health officials say they should be getting nearly 75,000 doses of the h1n1 vaccine next week. city officials say they will use their a lotment and span clinic in both public and private schools. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. all right john. if you are looking to get the swine flu vaccine, 2,000 doses are available on first come first serve basis starting at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. clinic being held at the mount pleasant church at 6000 rad avenue in northeast baltimore. if you need more information on the swine flu just go to our web site and click on the h1n1 outbreak icon. how are the roads looking
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tonight? kandace has our traffic edge report. hi kandace. >>reporter: hi karen. well, we are talking about the speeds right now and on parts of 95 not doing too bad out there. 52 miles per hour now traveling in that northeast corner and looking at 56 on the jfx 61 on the top end of the belt way manufacturing through pikesville but then it slows down from there on the west side. dwe have an early accident just cleared it out on the inner loop lanes of the belt way right there security boulevard and liberty road so now the entire west side stretch is very busy out there. we can show you exactly the scene on 695 right at 70 and here it is. the straight line of brake lights on inner loop lanes and heavy ride on the outer loop direction down to 95. on 95 no problem to report moving right now from that 695 exit up to 395 but crash on south bound 395 approaching 95. that's a look at the evening travels, jeff and karen back over to you. >> all right thanks so much. definitely feels like fall out there but we are going into the weekend and it is not raining. >> it is nice. expected to
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warm-up a little bit. >> yes. >> straight ahead at 5:30. jessica star will tell us if we need the heavy coats forth out door activities this weekend. the debate over health care reform. why congress may work through the weekend to get a measure passed. you.
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>>. >> unemployment rate hits alarming milestone tonight. the jobless rate for the month of october rose to 10.2%. first time unemployment has topped 10% since april 1983. miranda live with more on how many more people are now looking for jobs out there. miranda what can you tell us tonight? >>reporter: well, jeff, last month more than 190,000 jobs were lost in the u.s. bringing the total number of the unemployed to nearly 16 million. here at the baltimore couldn't work force development center officials say those numbers are very much in line with what they are saying. they say in the past year the number of visits to their site both in hunt valley and east point doubled to more than 40,000 people.
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and they say that the number of people coming in looking for jobs they all represent different professional backgrounds. >> we have seen professionals. demonstrationists. doctors. lawyers. all of them having to have the same need met for them but we welcome everyone and provide equal services for everyone. >>reporter: and later tonight at 10 we hear from one of those job seekers and look at maryland's unemployment rate to see how it matches up to the national average. we are live in hunt valley, miranda s stevens, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> and that brings us now to our question of the day. do you think the unemployment numbers will turn around 2010? just go to our web site tell us what you think. also sound off through face book. send us a tweet at fox baltimore. text your answer to 4 5 2 03 and enter fox 45 a.for yes and
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b.for no. response may air tonight at 10:00. leaders in the house of representatives say they could vote on the massive health care reform bill as early as sunday anybody days after it was officially unveiled. legislation would cost at least 1.2 trillion dollars. 300 bill more than than originally promised. it includes the public option, government run-in insurance program. >> we have listened to the american people. we are putting forward a bill that reflect our best value and addresses our greatest challenge. >> i have never seen greater evidence that washington, d.c. is out of touch with the american people. >>reporter: there is a chance the votes might not happen this weekend if democrat can't guarantee enough vote to pass it. >> for the latest on the health care debate go to our web site. log on to fox and click on the cure for health care logo. chilly temperatures but
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lots of sunshine. >> yes. >> no rain. a little this week but not a lot. >> nice change into the weekend. jessica star joins us now with first look at the sky watch forecast. >>reporter: hi guys. yes, seems like we are always talking about rape on friday but not today. we have a lot of sunshine out there but cool temperatures and right now 49 degrees and clear. those winds a little bit strong out of the northwest earlier today but bringing in some chilly temperatures and 39 percent is the current md humid. >> almanacs today because we were below normal about 10 degrees below normal. we should be up right around 60 degrees and today at marshall airport we only reached a high pressure of 50 degrees out there. on radar not much showing up. area of high pressure system that is in control for the daytime for tomorrow and through most of the weekend. going to bring us clear conditions overnight tonight and some cold conditions as well as we go through the overnight hours for tonight. we have a freeze warning in effect that's what is going to cause at growing season to come to an end for baltimore county, harper
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county, andarundle county and lower portions of the peninsula. so unfortunately if you have plants outside bring them inside because temperatures are going to go below freezing overnight tonight. get down to low pressure of 30 degrees with the wind out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour but will we see any warmer temperatures for the weekend. >> i'll have the full forecast >> i'll have the full forecast coming up in >> halloween has come and gone. what to do with the jack-o-lantern. fun alternative to just tossing
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>> from ghost and alien to mystery box and telepathic, a lot of oddity in theater this weekend. kandace explains in tonight's low down. hi kandace. >>reporter: hi karen. we have come a long way from scrooge. get ready for a
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reenvision holiday classic as disney a christmas carol hits theaters this week. >> haunted by 3 spirits. >> i would rather not. >>reporter: we all know the timeless tale of the bitter old miceer on christmas eve but this is definitely a new look to the classic. the director uses a technology that brought us the polar express and show case victoria london. >> what amaze jeans me about dick enthe writer movies not invented for another 100 years but the way he writes is sin mat ick. i think he would be wildly enthusiastic to see what we have done with his story. >>reporter: jim cary upbeat persona down a notch to portray scrooge. >> i put my whole money and looking at the money and thinking of it. considering possibility i'm excited to see that stuff in 3d.
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>>reporter: cameron diaz and james marsh star in the box a movie darker than the ghost of christmas future. >> i'm afraid trouble has found you. >>reporter: pressing mysterious button could grant them wishes but with dire consequences. >> responsible for the death of another human being. what are you doing? cloud burst. keeps me in shape. >>reporter: if george told you he could walk through walls would you believe him? >> it is gone. >>reporter: that is the movie this weekend a reporter who follows george inclined military unit across iraq in the new film the men who stare at ghost. and keeping in the super natural vain. >> beam of light came down took her in the sky. >>reporter: new thriller the fourth kind. videotapes her investigation no a group of disappearances that tie rather
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early into the proof of alien abduction. disney animation is setting bart pretty high this weekend but let's not forget about pixar huge hit from this summer, catch up in your own home next week. fill you in on monday, that's the low down. >> thanks. >> halloween come and gone so what do you do with your old pumpkin. if you get this name wrong you know whether i'll pay you. >> i thought you were going to hit me. goodness. thinks the 24th annual pumpkin chunk contest taking place in delaware. object? pulled a machine that converts pumpkin into projectile. competitors were hurling their own gourd to beat last year record of 4483 feet. >> everybody wants to be the world champion. and i have the bragging rights for an entire year saying they are the world champion pumpkin 34.
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>>reporter: they are expecting 60 to 80,000 people at this year's event. >> when news comes to your neighborhood we would like to see it. see it shoot it send it. up load video to our web site go there and click on the see it shoot it send it icon. also send photos directly from the cell phone topics at fox ravens were held to a season low in points last time they faced cincinnati. hear from ray rice on the importance of sunday game coming up next in sports. >>
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>> welcome back. i'm kristin. almost time for a game no. 2 against divisional cincinnati. last time the the two teams met in baltimore bengals offense had no problem running
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over the ravens allowing pweb son to run for 120 yards. first won the ravens allow entered 40 games. but the bengals defense definitely shut us down holding the ravens to a season low 14 points. all this coming from a team that was 4-11-1 last year now tied for first in the afc north. as ravens get ready to head to paul brown stadium this weekend, ray rice shows how important this weekend game is for the rest of the season. >> lose 2 of them make 3 games behind, if you lose a divisional game so but you really try to go out and take a ball and win the division games and set you up good in terms of later in the year but right now we are winning games but we win our divisional games we are pretty good. >>reporter: ravens defense shows signs of life last week against denver but we need to keep that focus in order to shut down carson palmer and the bengals. but they may have to do it without defensive tackle nada. he
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sprained an ankle against the provrng os and not practiced all week. he's listed as questionable for sunday's game. of course we have more on the ravens plus find out how much kelly greg knows about the city of cincinnati in this week making the grade and saint paul host the big battle on the grid iron subway high school game of the week. all coming up tonight at 10 50 other than sports unlimited. >> could pumpkin tossing weather this weekend. >> jessica is here now with that final check of the sky watch forecast. >> say it three times in a row. if he can do it three times in a row. all right. we are headed for a beautiful weekend weather wise. we have a beautiful fall day outside today but on the cool side tements temperatures climbing throughout the weekend. sky watch regional radar dry sweep across maryland and northeast as wells. temperatures the concern overnight tonight. 49 degrees here in baltimore and hagerstown and 42 degrees in
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wilmington ton but look at oakland 36 already and temperatures are going to be dropping down into the 30's overnight. national temperatures, though, there is a warming trend that will be headed our way for the later half of the weekend and into next week so look at the temperatures nice temperatures 73 degrees in minneapolis and 47 currently right now at the airport. under high pressure airport. under high pressure system ahead
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